PIE Smart Tape Measure Designed For Your Body

Anyone who would like to monitor their body form to get in shape or lose weight, may be interested in a new smart tape measure which has been designed specifically for your body. Aptly named PIE the smart tape measure has this week launched via Kickstarter with the aim of raising $30,000 over the next 30 days to make the jump into production. The design builds on the company’s first smart tape measure which launched back in 2016 providing more advanced and innovative ways to measure your body.

Created by the development team at Bagel Labs the PIE smart tape measure is now available to back with early bird pledges available from $39 or £29 offering a massive 51 percent saving off the recommended retail price which will take effect once the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end. If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to take place to certain countries during July 2018.

“As most of us know, the scale can lie. When you burn fat and increase muscle mass, there may be times when you weigh a little more even though your body is getting smaller and tighter. Compared to weight or BMI, measuring your body size is also superior in detecting health risks such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. When we’re trying hard to get into better shape, it’s important for us psychologically to track our progress and to have a reliable way of measuring it. Setting a clear goal and understanding your progress helps you take control of your workouts and stay motivated”

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