Microsoft MakeCode for LEGO Mindstorms Unveiled

Microsoft and Lego have today unveiled MakeCode for LEGO Mindstorm, a Windows-based educational system that allows students to build code and create using a visual programming system similar to Scratch and components, servos, motors and more that are compatible with LEGO bricks.

The system has been designed by Microsoft and is the “culmination of months of engineering, design and user testing work we’ve been doing with our good partners over at LEGO Education” says the Microsoft development team responsible for the new educational programming and robotic system.

“The LEGO MINDSTORMS system brings technology and computer science to life with hands-on, project-based learning using best-in-class robotics solutions. And now with MakeCode support, students can use easy drag-and-drop block coding, or JavaScript text programming from a browser to make their EV3 robot escape from a maze, detect different colored objects, or turn into a musical instrument.

As well as being able to program the EV3 brick using the screen, sounds and buttons, the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set also comes with a variety of different sensors and motors that can be programmed, including a touch sensor, color sensor, ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor, gyro sensor, and large and medium motors.”

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