Children’s LTE Walkie-Talkie By Republic Wireless Now Available For $99

Republic Wireless has this week announced the availability of their new and previously unveiled LTE walkie-talkie designed for children and families. A starter pack provides two relays and is available priced at $149. On top of the purchase price you will also need to subscribe to the Relay service which costs an extra $6.99 per month.

The children’s walkie-talkies are available in a variety of different colours to suit preferences and use 4G LTE and wireless connectivity to provide smart and secure communications between you and your young ones. The walkie-talkies come complete with their own companion application and a GPS enabled allowing you to track the location of your child directly from your smartphone. “Your kid can push one button to talk to the family members or friends in any channel. Just like with a walkie talkie. GPS tracking lets you see your kid’s location right on your phone—without having to interrupt their fun.”

Equipped with a long life battery the closed network walkie-talkie has been built for play and is waterproof and drop resistant.

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